Associate of Science in Business Administration – Digital Marketing

Program Overview

The Associate of Science in Business Administration-Digital Marketing program prepares students with a solid foundation of business and marketing principles for entry-level positions across many industries. The program includes a strong concentration in Digital Marketing that develops students’ abilities to engage with potential customers using a variety of channels. The curriculum is designed to provide the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits that enables students to critically analyze business information, enhance their creativity and strategic thinking, and be engaged in business decision-making and problem-solving processes, thereby contributing to their professions, organizations, and communities. (Note: The Concentration in Digital Marketing accounts for 25% of the program).

Program Objectives

The objectives of the Associate of Science in Business Administration – Digital Marketing program are to:

    1. Develop students’ understanding of business and digital marketing concepts, terms, and theories.
    2. Enhance students’ ability to think critically and communicate effectively in business and digital marketing settings.
    3. Train students to become more proficient in analysis, decision making, and problem solving within business environments.
    4. Equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain employment in business and digital marketing organizations.

Program Requirements

General Education Courses 18 credits
Major Core Courses 27 credits
Concentration Courses 15 credits
Total 60 credits