Associate Degree Program ( per semester; full-time enrollment – $225 per credit; text book fee included) $2,700
English as a Second Language (per 8- week session) $1,000


Application Fee (one time) $100
Program Change Fee $150
Registration Fee (per semester) $100
General Facility Fee ( per semester) $100
Late Registration Fee $200
Graduation Fee $250
Late Graduation Fee $50
Official Transcript Fee $10
Document Fee ( per document) $10
Insufficient Funds Charge $35

International Students Only

SEVIS I-20 Processing Fee $300
Transfer-Out Fee $500
I-20 Change of Status Fee $700
SEVIS I-20 Reissuing Fee $10
USCIS FRE Level I $200
USCIS FRE Level II $800
USCIS FRE Level III $900

Refund Policy

Pacific Tech is committed to ensuring that its refund policy is fair, equitable, and applicable to all students and complies with Standard 3-1-433 of the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS)

Cancellation of Enrollment

An applicant who cancels the Enrollment Agreement within three business days after signing it or prior to the first day of classes which he or she has registered for, whichever date is later, will be entitled to a full refund of all tuition and fees paid and the application fee. Cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Office of Administration.


  • The College charges the application fee only once unless the student later enrolls in a different program.
  • Any deposit or down payment a student makes is treated as a tuition payment.
  • Tuition is charged or billed by the semester, not by the total program cost.
  • The application fee is not refundable unless the applicant for admission cancels his or her enrollment within 3 business days after signing the enrollment agreement (See“Cancellation of Enrollment” above).
  • If, for any reason, the applicant or student only paid a part of the application fee before canceling
    enrollment or withdrawing from the College, he or she is not required to pay the balance of the fee.
  • The College does not charge an administrative or any other fee for processing a cancellation or withdrawal request by an applicant or student.
  • There are no refunds for late charges, administrative charges, or late fees.
  • Any refund of tuition due will be paid within 30 days of the date the College learns that an applicant has canceled or that a student has withdrawn.
  • Refunds for students who started classes are calculated based on the last known date that the student attended any class.
  • Cancellation of enrollment must occur within the first 3 business days. Decisions made not to study or to quit studying after that time are considered withdrawals.
  • If the College changes or cancels any course or program and, because of that change, a student cannot continue his or her studies, then the College will refund all the tuition and fees that the student has paid, regardless of how long the student had been studying in the program.
  • The College will, on request, take into consideration certain extenuating circumstances, such as injury, prolonged illness, death, or other conditions beyond the control of the student which prohibit completion of the course or program of study.

Tuition Refund Schedule

The amount of tuition refund a student may be entitled to is determined on a pro-rata basis up to 50 % completion of the semester days to the student’s withdrawal date or the last date of attendance by the student, whichever is later. If the student withdraws after completing 50% of the program, no tuition refund will be made. The tuition refund policy applies to full withdrawals only; no partial withdrawals are covered under this policy.

Any refund due will be paid within 30 days of the date of official withdrawal.